National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC) Chapter 180 - Friends of the West Coast Clock & Watch Museum was formed to grow and maintain WCCWM. Members come from the USA and Canada. They provide the financial and volunteer support that brings this unique and amazing museum to the public. Chapter 180, in conjunction with AGSEM, hosts open bench sessions on the third Thursday of each month. NAWCC members are welcome to attend meetings and open bench sessions. For information on NAWCC visit For information on open bench sessions and horology classes visit .

Donations of clocks, watches or other items may be discussed with either Ron Bechler, Ernie Lopez, or Rod Groenewold at the addresses listed on this page.

Horology Classroom

Ashley M. Jaques is WCCWM's and AGSEM's director. She is also NAWCC Chapter 180's treasurer.

NAWCC Chapt. 180 Officers at 2017 Southwest Regional in Del Mar, CA Chapter 180 Officers at the 2017 Del Mar Regional: Andre Perrault (right), Ron Bechler (mid-right), Dan Wright (center), Rod Groenewold, retired AGSEM Director and 2018 NAWCC Chapter 180 Treasurer (mid-left), Marion Francis (left).

Chapter 180 members from the USA and Canada gathered while at the 2017 NAWCC Southwest Regional in Del Mar, CA.

Ernie Lopez (WCCWM Founder) FNAWCC

2019 Chapter 180 Officers

Andre Perrault (President - Chapter 180)
16742 Daza Dr.
Ramona, CA 92064
(760) 594-4500

Ernest Lopez, (Vice President - Chapter 180) FNAWCC

Ashley M. Jaques, (WCCWM and AGSEM Director &                        NAWCC Chapter 180 Treasurer)
2040 N. Santa Fe Ave.
Vista, CA 92683

Marion Francis (Chapter 180 Secretary and E-Newsletter editor)
8777 Tulare Dr., Unit 411D
Huntington Beach, CA 92646
(714) 290-6446

Dan Wright (Chapter 180 Electronic Media Mogul)

Our Dedicated Members

Chapter 180 members are the museum's docents and provide the day-to-day support necessary to keep the West Coast Clock & Watch Museum open all year around. Please become a member of NAWCC Chapter 180 and help in our worthwhile mission of bringing historical horology to the public through WCCWM.