Visit West Coast Clock & Watch Museum (WCCWM) from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Weekends and by appointment on Week Days.

WCCWM is interesting to visit. It has an interactive kiosk conveniently located for use by visitors and researchers. The museum also provides a Timely Animals scavenger guide and questionnaire to help families and school or youth groups navigate the museum while learning about horology. While docents can be requested for groups visiting on weekdays, our friendly volunteer docents are there on the weekends and during events to greet museum visitors and answer questions.  

NAWCC Chapter 180 -"Friends of the West Coast Clock & Watch Museum" Is The Driving Force Behind West Coast Clock & Watch Museum

National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC) Chapter 180 - Friends of the West Coast Clock & Watch Museum was formed to grow and maintain WCCWM. Members come from the USA and Canada. They provide the financial and volunteer support that brings this unique and amazing museum to the public. Pictured here are Chapter 180 members who attended the 2017 NAWCC Southwest Regional Conference in Del Mar, CA.  

WCCWM moved from Bellingham, WA to the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum in Vista, CA in June, 2016

When West Coast Clock and Watch Museum (WCCWM) moved to the old courthouse in Bellingham, WA during 2005, it was never intended to be long-term. It was to be a temporary exhibit to use while achieving the ultimate goal of a permanent home. Therefore, in 2015, WCCWM and the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum (AGSEM) began talks to merge WCCWM into AGSEM’s "family" of museums and organizations in Vista, CA. In June, 2016, the collection began being exhibited inside AGSEM's History of Local Agriculture (HOLA) Center. Since then we have received a number of rare and beautiful pieces, and now, Chapter 180 is working to expand this amazing exhibit and collection into a building of its own!

What is the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum (AGSEM)?

The Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum, a non-profit corporation, collects, preserves and displays examples of mechanical ingenuity and crafts associated with the early days of the American farm and rural community. The Museum offers educational and recreational opportunities to the public through exhibits, demonstrations, activities and programs displaying the art of invention fulfilling necessity. Acknowledging the past provides direction for the future.

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